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Domestication brings many benefits such as ready access to food and longer life expectancy.  However, at the same time limitations are placed upon the horse due to various degrees of confinement and restriction in movement.  


Domestication by it's nature has reduced, and in some cases prevented, the horse from accessing ingredients it would have foraged as a nomadic selective grazer by being kept on pastures often lacking diversity.


These limitations combined with human influences and expectations have also led to stress and disease and a movement away from the innate ability of the horse to heal itself when provided with an environment conducive to healing.  


It is acknowledged that health is directly influenced by environmental conditions and that longer life expectancy does not necessarily mean a healthy longer life.


Zoopharmacognosy has as its foundations thousands of years of observational evidence of animals self medicating and is an inherently safe way for us to readdress the balance in a pro-active rather than reactive way in the domesticated setting.





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