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If you have visited my Applied Equine Podiatry website you will have seen how AEP does not just address and return hoof health, but by the very nature of the work, takes into account the health and well being of the whole horse.


As an Applied Equine Podiatrist I often work with horses and ponies who have experienced chronic pain and metabolic conditions for years, if not the majority of their lives, and as a result suffer from varying degrees of poor hoof health, physiological and psychological imbalance and pathologies associated with the shod hoof.  As a consequence many are depressed, shut down and/or exhibiting behaviourial issues.


Hoof pathologies can be temporarily masked using artificial aids such as shoeing, toe-dubbing, wedges and pads  and it is perceived that temporary relief has been achieved.  However, just as anti-inflammatory drugs and training to modify behaviour can produce temporary results, it does not address the actual reasons why these problems are being experienced and long term synthetic drug use brings with it the risk to internal health.


I became increasingly interested in incorporating Zoopharmacognosy into my work because of the growing scientific evidence supporting its application and it's compatibility with Applied Equine Podiatry seeking to restore homeostasis - balanced well being with all systems working in equilibrium - on a physiological and psychological level.  It is particularly beneficial to the metabolic horse as secondary metabolites do not contain any food value and only selected when there is a medicinal need or when there is a nutritional deficiency.  


Zoopharmacognosy provides the opportunity for the horse to use its innate ability to self select ingredients as required either as preventatives and/or addressing current issues.  Selected ingredients can then be made available either ad-lib or offered regularly until the horse has fulfilled its need or no longer requires them.  We are completely led by the horse who has total freedom to determine which secondary compound it requires and for how long.


Secondary metabolites are never forced upon the horse or placed in feeds as Zoopharmacognosy does not seek to diagnose, prescribe or medicate.


It's very common to find that the relationship between horse and owner is restored or reaches a higher level of understanding as hoof health improves.  Incorporating Zoopharmacognosy into the process can build on that relationship and become an integral part of the process.


Applied Equine Podiatry and Zoopharmacognosy has provided freedom of choice by giving the option of putting back the responsibility of the horse's well being with the owner leading to a healthy and happier, longer life in domestication.

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My initial visit to Hazel was as an Applied Equine Podiatrist to remove her shoes and commence a program to return  health to her very weak hoof structures.  Hazel's behaviour had continued to cause concern and it became clear after assessing her with a very low spectrum score, that pain was a catalyst for her explosive episodes.  It took me nearly an hour to remove one front shoe, the other had already come off.  I did not even want to attempt to remove her hinds! I can now handle and trim Hazel in her stable.  She is relaxed, gentle and a pleasure to be with and she has now started ridden work. Hazel is an excellent example of how AEP and Zoopharmacognosy can work hand in hand to achieve whole horse well being.


Hi Lindsay


Hazel continues to surprise and amaze us.  She is probably now the easiest of our 3 horses to handle.  Sarah and I can’t get over how much softer and nicer she is to handle and what a transformation from the tyrant that ruled her stable.  Sarah did the 3 oils with her again earlier this week but Sarah reckoned she wasn’t that bothered so maybe she’s already moved on. And I’ve discovered a liking for the scent of roses that I never had before........ And Sarah has finally started to walk her in hand. Annette Feb '11


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